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Indonesia: DBE2 Results

This 2-page document summarizes the successes of the Decentralized Basic Education Program Objective 2, which helps communities improve their schools, teachers improve their teaching, and students...

Fact Sheet, Results
Early Childhood Development and IRI

EDC helps communities and countries improve early childhood development through comprehensive programs that enhance teachers' skills, foster school readiness and empower parents and other...

India: Technology Tools for Teaching and Training (T4)

This 2-page results document highlights the impact of India's dot-EDU T4 India program, which uses technology tools to improve learning gains among hard-to-reach populations.

Fact Sheet, Results
Bangladesh Youth Employment Pilot

This 2-page results document highlights the successes of the Bangladesh Youth Employment Pilot, which prepares young men and women for work, particularly in Bangladesh's traditional prawn farming...

Fact Sheet, Results
Haiti: Working with Out-of-School Youth

This 2-page document summarizes the impact of IDEJEN, the Haitian Out-of-School Youth Livelihood Initiative, which addresses the education and livelihood needs of youth ages 15-24 with little or...

Fact Sheet, Results
New Pathways: Stories of Educational Change in Madagascar

Between 2006 and 2008, the ATEC/STEP (Appui Technologique aux Éducateurs et Communautés/Supporting Technology for Educators and Parents) program worked with the MNE and with regional and local...

City Year in South Africa

This report summarizes the lessons from a fairly small-scale effort to adapt a very successful U.S.-based model for service-learning to the challenging circumstances of South Africa. Seen through...

Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs

The EQUIP3 Tourism Guide is intended to strengthen the capacity of managers (from government, NGOs, and the private sector) to assess, design...

Lessons Learned from Moving the Haitian Out-Of-School Youth Livelihood Initiative (IDEJEN) Beyond the Pilot Phase

This report is part of a series of publications summarizing what is being learned “on the ground” from projects in more than a dozen countries, and is the product of the pilot phase of the first...

Workforce Development Program Guide

This guide is intended to assist those engaged in designing new in-country workforce development programs. Workforce development refers to programs and policies that promote the mastery of new job...