Vernacular Evaluation Report: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of ICT in Zambian Community Schools

A Randomized Control Trial (RCT)
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Vernacular is a set of reading activities that Zambian primary students can complete using android tablets. The software is designed to be customized with local language, artwork and sound recordings, at very little cost, so it can be rolled out in other Bantu languages within both Zambia and sub-Saharan Africa.  Vernacular represents an excellent tool to improve literacy, as it provides learners with the opportunity to practice their reading skills, receive immediate feedback, and also watch their peers do the same, at low cost per user. Its design means that it can be easily and cheaply adapted into new languages, using only simple technical skills that are widely available in the Zambian marketplace. Vernacular represents an innovation in software design that allows the MOGE to create, with no further development assistance, a learning product with all the quality of an international solution but all the recognizable native attributes and retained local control of a home-grown product. 

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