Living: Skills for Life, Botswana’s Window of Hope

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The Living: Skills for Life, Botswana’s Window of Hope are five sets of materials designed to help teachers and learners facilitate life skills education in the classroom. They were developed in collaboration with local teachers, who provided the context of the challenges associated with HIV and AIDS in Botswana with input from various local stakeholders. The result is sets of life skills materials that are interactive, locally-based, gender-balanced, culturally-sensitive and differentiated for the different levels of learners. Each set has a Teacher’s Guide and Learner Worksheets. The Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with activities on 13 Chapters, each addressing a specific life skill area. The activities are presented with procedures, guiding the teacher on how to present the lesson in the classroom. In turn, these procedures ensure that participatory methods are used to help learners practice healthy behaviours in a safe environment. The Learner Worksheets present the learners with activities that help them explore situations and practise healthy responses. They are designed to allow learners to use them on their own, with their peers or as part of a classroom activity. The development of the materials was funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under PEPFAR funding between 2002 and 2005.

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