Education in Fragile Contexts: Selected Case Studies

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During the past decade, interest has heightened among the international community regarding fragile states—those that have bred hostile movements and threatened to foster violent conflicts. Recent research indicates that education can contribute to stability and inhibit fragility.

Education in Fragile Contexts highlights selected projects that Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), has carried out in fragile environments. These successful initiatives, exemplary of strategies that EDC has employed in a range of fragile and less-developed contexts, can be instructive as the international community continues to support fragile states in their efforts toward peace and security.

In Somalia:

  • High-quality radio lessons in reading are designed to be sensitive to tensions among sub-tribes and families and are adaptable to the taboos and needs of the various groups.
  • Networks connect youth who are seeking jobs with employers and provide specific job and life skills training and support to youth.

In Mindanao, Philippines:

  • Alternative basic education and skills training programs help youth move toward productive jobs and responsible roles in their communities.
In South Sudan:
  • Sudan Radio Service broadcasts news, information, and discussions of critical issues in local languages to people who otherwise must rely on fragmented bits and rumors, while Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) gives children direct access to high-quality lessons in reading, math, and English and supports their teachers, who are unlikely to have more than a few years of schooling themselves.

In Haiti:

  •  Job skills training provided to youth allowed them to help rebuild their communities after the 2010 earthquake, giving them a lift in self-confidence that turned many away from defeat toward constructive opportunities.

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