Akazi Kanoze: Scale and Sustainability Study

Akazi Kanoze was a seven-year, US$9.8 million project funded by USAID under the EQUIP3 leader with associates award that serves youth ages 14–35 with the objectives of: (1) increasing their capability of earning a livelihood through connecting them to appropriate life and work readiness training, and (2) building the capacity of local institutions (government, private sector, and civil society) “to better prepare youth for work, and connect them to personal development, employment and selfemployment opportunities” (EDC, 2011a). 

The study was designed to answer the following questions:

1. What scaling up of AK that has occurred to date? 

2. What is the potential for the future scaling up and sustainability of AK? 

3. What can be put in place to ensure future scaling up and sustainability of the program? 

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