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Sudan Radio Service

This 2-page results document highlights Sudan Radio Service (SRS), which provides access to balanced and useful information through accurate nonpartisan news, information, and education programs,...

Sudan Radio Service News Recording

A Sudan Radio Service host reads the news in the SRS studios.

Sudan Radio Service News: January 11, 2011

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Supporting School-Based In-Service Training in Rwandan Secondary Schools

Education Development Center (EDC) through the Akazi Kanoze 2 (AK2) Project supported the curriculum development process when the AK2 work readiness program was integrated into the CBC. As part of...

Taonga Market: It's Our Time to Learn

This 11-minute video shows how Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) has reached out-of-school youth, HIV/AIDS orphans and primary school students in Zambia. Interactive Radio Instruction was...

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

This report examines four approaches to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) employed by USAID between 2007 and 2012. Projects in South Africa, Indonesia, Georgia, and Morocco...

Technology Applications for the Global Education Community

Technology has proven to be one of the missing links in order to guarantee educational and workforce improvement in developing countries. The Honduras METAS Project is now generating technology...

Technology in the HP LIFE Entrepreneurship Program: Summary Report Findings

This program note presents summary findings of an evaluation study of the global Hewlett-Packard Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) program, conducted in China, India, Kenya, Nigeria...

Technology Teaching and Learning: Research, Experience, & Global Lessons Learned

Globally, technology has been regarded as an instrument of, indeed a shortcut to, school reform. This monograph examines educational technology initiatives in Lebanon, Jordan, the United Kingdom,...

The Ghana Community School Alliances Project

The Community School Alliances (CSA) Project was a successful, innovative effort to strengthen the role that communities play in primary school education in Ghana. Over a six–and-a-half-year...