Zambia Quality Education Services Through Technology (QUESTT) Project

A teacher and trainer working together during an iPod workshop.

The Zambia QUESTT Project improved the quality of basic education delivery systems and mitigated the impact of HIV/AIDS on children's educational experiences (both in and out of government schools). To accomplish these objectives, QUESTT led several initiatives to improve teacher practice through the integration of Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) in government schools and technology-based interventions. These interventions included the use of video and cell phone communication for both in-service and preservice teacher support. The project supported the Ministry of Education in providing quality education to the most vulnerable children in Zambia, particularly orphans, through IRI programs incorporating life skills education. QUESTT also partnered with community radio stations and local and international NGOs to sensitize communities and support EDC's Learning Plus initiative to address factors that hinder vulnerable children from learning effectively. QUESTT also worked with partners to support volunteer teachers and communities with HIV/AIDS information and training on awareness, prevention, and access to Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) and treatment through the "Taonga Cares" initiative.


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