Zambia Community Radio Education to Mitigate Multi-Sector Impacts of HIV/AIDS

The Zambia Community Radio Education project was funded through a cooperative agreement known as Educational Quality Improvement Program 1—Building Educational Quality Through Classrooms, Schools, and Communities (EQUIP1). This EQUIP1 associate award project—"Ku Mudzi Wangu" ("In My Village")—provided community-level radio education support at the village level to mitigate selected multi-sector impacts of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Zambia. The project's weekly radio program provided strategic education by highlighting successful development activities undertaken by local villages affected by HIV/AIDS. The program then provided other villages with accompanying mentoring assistance as well as small grants to help them replicate the successful activities and thereby strengthen their communities. The radio programs proved to be among the most popular broadcast by the two participating community radio stations, and village feedback was highly enthusiastic.


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