Radio Instruction to Strengthen Education (RISE)

Students participate in the RISE project.

RISE helped the governments of Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania establish access to quality education for learners in both locations. WIth the project concluded, the governments have continued to deliver improved learning.

Zanzibar: In three districts, 9,300 children in non-formal, community-led preschool and Standard One learning centers receive math, Kiswahili, English and life skills lessons through Interactive Radio Instruction programs annually. The program trained 372 mentors, previously untrained teachers who lead quality lessons with the support of 276 locally produced IRI programs and educational play materials. The learning centers afford access to early education for children who would otherwise would likely have waited until about age 9 to enter school.

Early primary classroom teachers use IRI to reinforce government curriculum competencies and enrich learning environments for an additional 240 teachers and 10,800 children. The program reaches a total of 20,100 children.

Mainland Tanzania: In seven districts, RISE expanded the reach of the popular IRI program, Mambo Elimu, to reach children who previously did not have access to school. RISE established 100 Mambo Elimu Community Learning Centers and provided materials and training to 100 mentors to facilitate the accelerated four-year program of primary education over the course of two calendar years, thus enabling these children to join their peers in formal primary school for Grade 5. The program reaches 4,500 children annually.


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