Measuring Non-Cognitive Skills

The Measuring Non-Cognitive Skills research pilot aims to develop a more reliable soft skills assessment tool to accurately measure the "Big Five" personality factors across developing countries.   EDC, in collaboration with ProExam and Akilah Institute for Women, are adapting the existing Big Five Inventory 44 (BFI-44) tool by adding some additional items and piloting the expanded tool with youth in JP Morgan and USAID-funded EDC youth programs in the Philippines and Rwanda.

The main outcome of the research is to develop a soft skills assessment that is comparable both within and across cultures and that measures one of the personality factors (e.g. Conscientiousness) at the facet level. The research from the development of the tool will benefit the youth projects where it is piloted by providing the programs with a more rigorous and diversified assessment of program outcomes that go beyond simply measuring employment, and will also inform the youth workforce development community. Projects will be able to study correlations between employment outcomes and soft skills, which could help the stakeholders have a better understanding of program outcomes.  Finally, the research will help inform Akilah Institute’s curriculum development, program quality and strengthening their evaluation capacity. 


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