Literacy Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP)

The Literacy Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP) in Nigeria was designed to provide an innovative, action-oriented response to the issue of English language literacy and numeracy acquisition at the primary school level in Nigeria. The question: “Why don’t our children read and write English well?” is frequently posed in Nigeria. Despite studying English as a subject in grades 1 – 3 and matriculating in English as the medium of instruction from grade 4 onward, English language literacy and numeracy skills are not sufficiently developed in children by grade six, putting them at a disadvantage for further studies and employment in a country whose official language is English. Education Development Center (EDC) in partnership with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and World Education International (WEI) are collaborating on an integrated approach to improve English language literacy and numeracy in Nigerian primary schools through an innovative combination of policy support, teacher training including interactive radio instruction, and community participation. There are three major technical components to the project: community participation, policy support and pedagogy. EDC is the prime contractor responsible for the overall management of the project and specifically for the pedagogy component of the project. RTI, as subcontractor to LEAP, manages the policy support component and WEI, also a subcontractor, manages the community participation component.



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