Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Participatory Health and Livelihood Skills Training for Mon Migrants

ICTs for Participatory Health and Livelihood Skills Training is a pilot project designed to harness new digital camera technologies to help cross-border Mon migrants learn basic health and livelihood skills that can improve their well-being even under the harsh realities stateless migrants experience. Community-based facilitators are taught how to lead interactive group discussions among marginally-literate neighbors and friends. Each target population learns how to critically assess local health and livelihood practices while collaboratively constructing their own models of best practices. Using Participatory Video Editing, group facilitators capture raw digital video footage of poor health and livelihood practices to stimulate collaborative development of improved practices. Through an iterative process, poor practices are gradually edited out and improved practices edited in. The twelve video modules developed under the pilot will be produced and distributed as a set of Video CDs (VCDs) to facilitate the exchange of these best practice results across the participating target populations.

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