Improving Basic Education/Stratégies Intégrées pour une Education Equitable et de Qualité (SIEEQ)

The SIEEQ project works in 150 primary schools, training 1277 teachers, principals, and school inspectors in the provinces of Bandundu, Bas-Congo and Equateur. The project aims to improve the quality of basic education through teacher capacity building in instructional strategies, methods and procedures that incorporate principles of active pedagogy emphasizing enquiry-based and collaborative learning, gender equity, community resources, elaboration of didactic materials and interdisciplinary learning. In addition, model lessons based on the national curriculum include civic education, HIV/AIDS and life-skills content, and are being integrated into existing materials. Community members receive awareness-raising workshops in community development and gender equity, and training in how to develop and implement community action plans. To date, these interventions have shown an impact in the classroom and 59.8% of teachers were observed using active pedagogy. The effects of the training on teacher instructional practices and teacher follow up support are significant, and have led to more student-centered instruction, greater use of didactic materials, improved classroom management and enhanced parental involvement.


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