dot-EDU (Digital Opportunity through Technology and Communication Partnerships-Learning Systems)

dot-EDU was an information and communication technology (ICT) intervention mechanism for USAID Missions seeking to improve education systems in their respective countries. dot-EDU sought to assist developing countries in strengthening learning systems that improve quality, expand access, and enhance equity through carefully planned applications of digital and broadcast technologies. The dot-EDU mission had two foci. First, dot-EDU provided training and technical assistance to support USAID Missions in developing and implementing technology-assisted applications. Second, dot-EDU conducted pilot projects and prepared knowledge products using available core resources. Activities resulted in improved understanding, strategic planning, and implementation of technology-assisted educational applications in developing countries. dot-EDU projects are ongoing in many countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, India, Kenya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Namibia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Zambia.

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