Benin Teacher Motivation and Training (TMT) Project

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The Benin TMT project began in July 2009 and worked to improve training and performance of teachers. The TMT program consisted of a number of simple interventions focused around a key theme—a set of clear expectations for teacher performance based on international standards of excellence. The use of this clear and universal set of standards ensured that all systems meant to support and motivate teachers were focused on the same issues—improving teachers’ and thereby students’ chances of success. These performance standards were a guiding principle and a goal for the development of the major elements of the TMT program: training, supervision, coaching and evaluation.

TMT piloted a merit-based awards program to enhance the visibility of high performing teachers and schools. Using the same performance standards as part of the selection criteria, the media campaign highlighted the importance of how teacher motivation affected performance. We believed that such a straightforward and sensible approach to the objectives of the program would let us achieve solid results in four years of implementation. With a strong partnership, local support, state-of-the-art tools, and, most importantly, highly qualified staff we offered a sustainable program to improve teacher motivation and training in Benin.


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