Youth Development

Young people hold enormous potential, but in many countries, they often lack opportunities for employment, education, and civic engagement. EDC's youth development initiatives prepare young people for success—whether they are starting a job, becoming an entrepreneur, or pursuing further education.

EDC has a decade of experience in youth development, spanning 30 countries and reaching more than 200,000 youth with training, resources, and opportunities. For example, between 2011 and 2013, over 22,000 youth completed EDC’s workforce training programs, with 40 percent reporting new or better employment.


EDC ensures that youth are ready for work and able to navigate changing markets and economies. Our programs combine work readiness skills, such as communication, goal setting, and work habits, with reading and math, technical skills, and guidance on entrepreneurship. We help youth bridge the gap between training and employment, including self-employment. 


EDC helps underserved youth identify funding to start small businesses or gain additional education. We connect youth with employers through internships and jobs and network young people with one another to share ideas and take action.


EDC equips youth with skills to participate in civic life, embrace leadership, and contribute to their communities. For young people, especially those living in conflict-prone areas, positive engagement provides a vital sense of belonging and self-worth.


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