EDC’s work in HIV/AIDS programming works throughout the continuum of care, addressing prevention, care and treatment. EDC utilizes its cutting-edge educational methodologies to promote HIV prevention as a key part of comprehensive sexuality education, through a variety of messaging and behavior change communication (BCC) strategies. EDC also understands that youth need a base of comprehensive sexuality education and life skills to mitigate the impact of AIDS in their own lives and communities. EDC gives young people the comprehensive knowledge and resources to prevent the spread of HIV through improved health behaviors. EDC’s expertise in engaging and educating young people is at the center of our approach to HIV prevention -- we develop innovative, age-appropriate messages and activities specifically targeted to the youth audience. We utilize this expertise to support local governments, including ministries of education and health, to improve HIV prevention education curriculum, train teachers, engage young people, and strengthen communities to do what it takes to prevent new HIV infections among adolescents, as well as reduce stigma around HIV and AIDS.

Recognizing that prevention alone is not effective in addressing HIV and AIDS, EDC also supports young people living with HIV, establishing systems to ensure that they can remain in school without being stigmatized, access the same training and livelihood opportunities as other youth, and access the antiretroviral drugs, treatment and clinical support they need.  Through education, counseling and peer mentoring, EDC works to reduce the large number of youth who drop out of HIV treatment programs.  EDC also trains clinicians and community health workers to provide youth-friendly services that meet the health needs of adolescents.


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