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Kenya Garissa Youth and Yes Youth Can Project Executive Summary Fact Sheet
Mali Out of School Youth (PAJE-Nieta) Executive Summary

The project’s key achievements are evidenced in the stories of young Malians, whose livelihood opportunities have improved as a result of OSYP. Today, they are: 

Fact Sheet
Akazi Kanoze 2 Fact Sheet Fact Sheet
A Study of the WRN! Credential’s Relationship to Youth Jobs and Employer Satisfaction 2015
Proyecto METAS: Employability Study 2014
A Model for Transforming: Honduran Workforce 2015
SKYE Project Coaching Survey Report 2015
PAQUED Year 2 Impact Study

The Project D’Amelioration de la Qualite de l’Education (PAQUED) was a 5-year project intended to strengthen teaching and learning so that children leave primary school with solid...

Basa Pilipinas: Transforming Reading Instruction to Boost Student Learning Outcomes

To track and measure changes in student reading performance over a period of time, data was collected from randomly selected second grade students in a comparison...

Turning Away from MS-13 and al-Shabaab: Analyzing Youth Resilience in Honduras and North East Kenya

This study compares multiple resiliency factors (individual, caregiver, context) displayed by youth who are participating in international-donor-funded youth development programs implemented...