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Vernacular Evaluation Report: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of ICT in Zambian Community Schools

Vernacular is a set of reading activities that Zambian primary students can complete using android tablets. The software is designed to be customized with local language, artwork and sound...

Junior Caregiver Program

Over two years, the JCP trained and certified unemployed young women and promoted better school readiness among children attending local ECD centers. The training participants had completed at...

USAID Macedonia Youth Employment Network

Beginning in 2011, with an agreement formed through the USAID EQUIP3 program, EDC developed a tailored approach to youth development and education in this small, landlocked Eastern European...

Technology Applications for the Global Education Community

Technology has proven to be one of the missing links in order to guarantee educational and workforce improvement in developing countries. The Honduras METAS Project is now generating technology...

Multi-Level Participation: A Cross-Cutting Strategy to Empower Honduran Youth

Honduran youths have the ability to generate strategies that can solve problems in the national context. METAS Project, aware of their potential, provides them with spaces for...

Fact Sheet
Akazi Kanoze: Scale and Sustainability Study

Akazi Kanoze was a seven-year, US$9.8 million project funded by USAID under the EQUIP3 leader with associates award that serves youth ages 14–35 with the objectives of: (1) increasing their...

Measuring Youth's Soft Skills Across Cultures
Measuring soft skills is challenging. How can one develop a reliable assessment that can be adapted across global contexts? EDC,...
Early-Grade Literacy in Rwanda: Taking Stock in 2016

 Rwanda has made commendable efforts to improve basic education, including literacy in the early grades. Students are learning to read and write in Kinyarwanda, and they are acquiring the...

PAQUED Final Evaluation Report
The findings from this study show that experimental teachers’ knowledge of how to teach reading and writing is more closely aligned with sound literacy instruction than their...
Youth Volunteers Can Contribute to Significant Reading Gains

The program tested a theory of change which posited that weekly support to students by community volunteers using structured lesson plans and appropriately leveled reading materials would...