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Lessons Learned from Moving the Haitian Out-Of-School Youth Livelihood Initiative (IDEJEN) Beyond the Pilot Phase

This report is part of a series of publications summarizing what is being learned “on the ground” from projects in more than a dozen countries, and is the product of the pilot phase of the first...

Workforce Development Program Guide

This guide is intended to assist those engaged in designing new in-country workforce development programs. Workforce development refers to programs and policies that promote the mastery of new job...

Literacy for Out-of-School Youth: A Program Guide

This program guide offers a resource for development specialists initiating or strengthening integrated literacy programs for youth aged 15 to 24 who are not involved informal education. Part I...

YCoP Links: The First 50 Issues

EQUIP3 is pleased to present YCoP Links: The First 50 Issues. Since 2004, EQUIP3 has been publishing YCoP Links as part of the Youth Community...

Indonesia: Impact, Results & Progress

The Decentralized Basic Education Program-Objective 2 (DBE 2) is improving the quality of teaching and learning for almost 15,000 teachers and over 230,000 students in Indonesia. This Annual...

INTALEQ: 21st Century Skills for Yemeni Youth Program Summary

This program summary highlights Yemen's Innovations in Technology-Assisted Learning for Educational Quality (INTALEQ) program, a public-private partnership designed to improve math and science...

Early Childhood Education in Zanzibar: Executive Summary of Learning Gains Assessment

This executive summary describes a study designed primarily to measure learning gains among Standard One-level treatment beneficiaries of the Radio Instruction to Strengthen Education project in...

Tuned in to Student Success: Assessing the Impact of IRI

This study reviews student assessment data collected from 15 recent EDC projects to determine the impact of Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) on student achievement in hard-to-reach areas. The...

Report, Results
Youth Livelihoods Development Program Guide

This guide provides youth-serving program developers and practictioners with a practical set of suggestions and reference materials to improve youth livelihood development practices and to expand...

Digital Opportunities in Rural Classrooms (Information Sheet)

In rural areas of Zambia, beyond the reach of radio waves and the power grid, community school teachers are benefiting from collaborative, engaging professional development in their own school...