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Junior Caregiver Program

Over two years, the JCP trained and certified unemployed young women and promoted better school readiness among children attending local ECD centers. The training participants had completed at...

USAID-LMI COMET Project Factsheet

Youth want quality jobs.

Employers want qualified workers.

MekongSkills2Work Network connects both needs.

Fact Sheet
Prepara Ami ba Serbisu (Preparing Us for Work) Timor-Leste

Initiated in 2007, Prepara Ami ba Serbisu (PAS) was a four-year pilot program implemented by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC). Its primary objective was to provide out-of-school men and...

Benin Teacher Motivation and Training (TMT) Project

The Benin Teacher Motivation and Training (TMT) project, initiated in July 2009, seeks to improve primary school teacher training and performance. The TMT program consists of a number of simple...

Workforce Development Program Guide

This guide is intended to assist those engaged in designing new in-country workforce development programs. Workforce development refers to programs and policies that promote the mastery of new job...

Kenya Garissa Youth and Yes Youth Can Project Executive Summary Fact Sheet
Work Ready Now (WRN) Fact Sheet

Work Ready Now! (WRN!) is EDC’s curriculum and approach for delivering effective work readiness training to youth, in and out of school. WRN! helps young people in emerging economies develop the “...

Fact Sheet
Post-Project Evaluation of the Impact of the RISE and ZTUR Projects (Executive Summary in Kiswahili)

6-Year Post-Project Evaluation of the Impact of the Radio Instruction to Support Education (RISE) and Zanzibar Teacher Upgrading by Radio (ZTUR) Projects (Executive Summary in Kiswahili)

Multi-Level Participation: A Cross-Cutting Strategy to Empower Honduran Youth

Honduran youths have the ability to generate strategies that can solve problems in the national context. METAS Project, aware of their potential, provides them with spaces for...

Fact Sheet
NMFA/Excellence in Innovation Bosnia-Herzegovina

The NMFA/Excellence in Innovation (EI) Project aims to make small businesses more competitive, create well-paying jobs when unemployment is high, and move people from "sustainable livelihoods" to...

Fact Sheet