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Junior Caregiver Program

Over two years, the JCP trained and certified unemployed young women and promoted better school readiness among children attending local ECD centers. The training participants had completed at...

South Sudan Teacher Education Program (SSTEP)

SSTEP is a three-year program of the Republic of South Sudan Ministry of General Education and Instruction, supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The program will...

Fact Sheet
USAID-LMI COMET Project Factsheet

Youth want quality jobs.

Employers want qualified workers.

MekongSkills2Work Network connects both needs.

Fact Sheet
USAID ABE ACCESS & ECCN Launch - Session 1 Feedback
Kenya Garissa Youth and Yes Youth Can Project Executive Summary Fact Sheet
HIV/AIDS Impacts Education in Zambia

This one-page fact sheet provides statistical information about impact of HIV/AIDS on children and families in Zambia, and summarizes the QUESTT Interactive Radio Instruction program. QUESTT has...

Youth Violence Prevention Fact Sheet
Expanding Access to Early Childhood Development Using Interactive Audio Instruction

Read the full report: Expanding Access to Early Childhood...

Community listening groups: Catalysts for change

Case Study: The success of the Madagascar Ministry of Education’s educational reform package depends in large part on having parents become more involved in their children’s education and take...

Multi-Level Participation: A Cross-Cutting Strategy to Empower Honduran Youth

Honduran youths have the ability to generate strategies that can solve problems in the national context. METAS Project, aware of their potential, provides them with spaces for...

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