Read Right Now! Balanced Literacy Transforms Classrooms

Evidence from Mali

EDC, in collaboration with the Ministry, conducted a small-scale evaluation of the Balanced Literacy approach in grade 1 classrooms in 10 schools in 2013-14. 

The evaluation was designed to test a research-based theory of change that holds that effective language instruction in the early grades requires (1) a balance among strategies of teaching phonics, reading comprehension, and writing, and (2) consistent routines that teachers can manage easily and that engage students in thinking about how to decode/encode, understand what they read, and write (not just mastering the mechanics of these processes). The study compared the performance of students in the Balanced Literacy schools with student results from Mali’s 2009 EGRA baseline testing. Additionally, it explored differences in student performance across core reading domains, as well as factors contributing to success. 



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