Mali Out of School Youth (PAJE-Nieta) Executive Summary

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The project’s key achievements are evidenced in the stories of young Malians, whose livelihood opportunities have improved as a result of OSYP. Today, they are: 

Better Educated 

7,408 youth or 77% exhibited improved reading skills, as measured by EDC’s Out of School Literacy Assessment. Completion rates increased with each cohort: 

Economically Productive 

  • 10,951 youth completed technical training. Completion rates improved with each cohort: 
  • 8,077 youth launched a microenterprise as self employed. 
  • 82% of trained youth who received kits were still self employed up to 24 months after the close of the youth development cycle. 
  • 70% of youth who launched microenterprises between 2011 and 2013 were still operating their businesses as of November 2015. 
  • 481 SILC groups were established with 9,534 members, over the life of the project

Civically Engaged 

  • 3,863 youth participated in design of 228 community service projects. 
  • 4,906 youth in Cohort 3 were trained in conflict mitigation and creating a culture of peace and citizenship. 

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