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English for Latin America (ELA)

More than 40 million students are learning English using Interactive Audio Instruciton (IAI), a methodology that provides classroom teachers with a proven resource for English language acquisition. The English for Latin America (ELA) program equips youth with tools they need for effective language acquisition.

English for Latin America (ELA) Medley

Click below to listen to a medley of the songs used in the ELA program (Haga click abajo para escuchar una pequeña muestra de la musica de ELA).

Sudan Radio Service News: January 11, 2011

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Songs for Ekle: Notre environnement

The chorus of this song says "Sispan n koupe pye bwa, ba yon chans pou yo sa boujonnen"... meaning "Stop cutting the trees give them a chance to grow and flourish". The song explains to children and youth the importance of preserving the environment. Music and production by Jahen Music Publishing.

Songs for EKLA (Haiti)
Said Yasin of SIRIP on Voice of America

In this March 21, 2007 interview, Said Yasin of IDD's Somali Interactive Radio Instruction Program (SIRIP) talks with Abdalle Mohammed, journalist for the Somali edition of Voice of America about the importance of teacher training and the importance of the IRI programs for Somali populations. The interview is in Somali.

Canción del Círculo (Circle Song)

Three- to five-year-olds in Honduras sing this song as they form a circle to begin activities guided by a community teacher with the help of an Interactive Radio Instruction program. The program, which builds the community teachers' skills and helps Honduran children develop their pre-literacy, pre-math, social, and physical skills, is now delivered to thousands of centers by the Honduran government.

Interactive Radio Instruction for Somalis (IRIS) Intro Song

The interactive radio instruction (IRI) programs developed in conjunction with the IRIS project reach students in any setting that includes a teacher, a group of students, and a radio. Somali poetry is integrated into the programs in order to increase children’s interest and connect them with their culture's language and art form.

Zambia IRI Assertiveness Song

This song was developed for the Taonga Market Interactive Radio Instruction programs in Zambia, through the QUESTT project. As part of a series on health and HIV/AIDS prevention, the song encourages and models how youth can assert themselves.

Sudan Radio Service: Introduction

Sudan Radio Service (SRS) is the first independent and unbiased radio service to reach across the country with accurate news and information. The following is the English language introduction to the SRS broadcast.