Yemen ILSI (Instructional Leadership and Supervision Initiative)

ILSI was designed to provide training to pre- and in-service teacher instructors and to in-service teacher supervisors in how to better prepare and support teachers in implementing high-quality, student-centered instruction that truly improves student learning. The initiative was developed, and was implemented, in close collaboration with the highest levels of Yemen's Ministry of Education. While ILSI used traditional face-to-face training, it broke new ground by helping instructors and supervisors utilize information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the quality of education in Yemen. Through the training they received, instructors and supervisors could offer enriched support to the teaching corps. ICTs provided instructors and supervisors with expanded avenues to locate relevant information to share with their teachers and to link them to a wider community of practitioners and peers. Implemented in two rural and two urban sites, ILSI was also helping to evaluate the feasibility—and potential challenges—of establishing expanded leadership and supervision support programs using ICTs in those disparate sites.

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