UPHOLD (Uganda Program for Human and Holistic Development)

IDD increased the effectiveness of Uganda's primary school system at the district and school levels in order to improve student learning within a framework of whole school reform. Key to this were efforts to strengthen vertical and horizontal partnerships at all levels of the system and to enhance individual practice among education personnel. A core activity was training of district education officials, staff from Primary Teacher Colleges, head teachers, and teachers in active, student-centered teaching methods to promote participatory learning in 33 Uganda districts. Complementing that activity was IDD's effort to improve Uganda's education management systems to help local officials capitalize on the Ministry of Education and Sport's decentralization efforts and to help schools create more productive learning environments through improved management practices. To that end, IDD implemented a performance-based training program for all personnel working at the district and school levels to strengthen leadership and management capacity. Cross-cutting all of these activities was IDD's support for greater understanding, awareness, and behavior change relating to HIV/AIDS, gender and equity, and community involvement in education.


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