University Success Program for Ethiopian Young Women

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EDC and FHI 360 are collaborating to implement the three-year University Success Program (USP) for Ethiopian Young Women project to support young women’s education, provide participants with the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary for them to complete their university education.   The USP Project has three main areas of interventions:  

  • Implementation of English as a Second Language (ESL) education, life skills training and mentoring services to benefit young university women;
  • Capacity building of local partner universities; and
  • Setting the stage for ensuring that girl students who enter the universities will complete the entire study programs and exit with a degree.

The project is being implemented within the colleges of Natural Sciences and Engineering in three partner universities:   Addis Ababa University, Adama University, and Jimma University.   Support is being provided to a total of 2250 female students.

The USP Project works in direct consultation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, partner universities, USAID Mission, Education Development Center (EDC), the Peace Corps, the British Council and other stakeholders who collaborate for the success of young women in the universities.




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