Promoting Opportunities through Training, Education, Transition Investment, and Livelihoods for Youth (POTENTIAL)

Promoting Opportunities through Training, Education, Transition Investment, and Livelihoods for Youth (POTENTIAL) was created to propose strategies to enhance opportunities for young people in Ethiopia to gain skills and develop productive livelihoods. The program aims to provide Ethiopian youth with tailored services to help them achieve increased income and gain the skills, knowledge and social capital required to achieve economic self-sufficiency. 

POTENTIAL’s strategies and approaches respond to unemployed and underemployed youths’ capacity needs, leverage existing youth development activities and contribute to improving the quality and accountability of local training and business service providers by ensuring existing entities work in concert. Save the Children, EDC and Ethiopia implementation partners work to achieve success:

  1. By using targeted professional assessments help training and service providers to consider market relevance and target curricula and programs to emerging skills need.  
  2. Providing access to tailored world class technical and life skills training to create more viable livelihood prospects.
  3. Offering work readiness (soft skills) and work-based learning opportunities to young people preparing for work, thereby leading to a workforce-ready and employable youth with practical experience.
  4. Helping to build the long term capacity of a youth service provider network to enhance accesses to services and relevant skills and experience for remote communities and disadvantaged groups.

The program is characterized by evidence based interventions from Ethiopia’s youth livelihoods development and community mobilization experience and a focus on tangible results. The program is guided by the following principles: Youth Engagement, Market Orientation, Gender Integration, Learning and Leveraging Partnerships. 


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