Peru CAPTIC (Comunidades que Aprenden con Apoyo de Tecnologías de Informacíon y de Comunicaciónes): Strengthening Pedagogic Practices through the Application of ICTs

The Peru CAPTIC program introduced technology-based instructional components into 12 primary schools and four teacher training centers in Peru. Program activities (1) work to develop a culture of using communication tools for e-learning; (2) build communities of teaching practice in participating schools; and (3) enhance teaching and learning through problem-based collaborative projects. Community outreach campaigns, public-private partnerships, workshops on gender equity, and a comprehensive sustainability plan supported and strengthened these pilot activities. Special emphasis was given to outreach initiatives that enhanced quality of life and strengthened leadership skills, especially for girls.


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United States Agency for International Development


Concord Consortium (CC)
Peruvian Ministry of Education/Huascarán Project
Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES)



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