PAGE (Programme pour une Approche Globale de l’Education)

PAGE, a three-year pilot project, sought to reduce the burden of school fees on parents and communities through interventions that increased stakeholder capacity to access and pay for quality education. With support from the U.S. Congress and USAID/DRC, EDC and its partner International Rescue Committee reached out to 120 schools and their communities in the Equateur and South Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The PAGE project employed a holistic, multi-stakeholder approach spanning three complementary technical components: education quality (Interactive Radio Instruction, face-to-face teacher and supervisor training, and distribution of teaching and learning materials), community participation (participatory school-community action planning, reinforcement of school-community committees, and income generation to reduce school fee burdens), and education policy (action research and dialogue to help develop long-term solutions).


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