PACEEQ (Community Participation for Equitable and Quality Basic Education)

From 2001 to 2006, IDD worked with World Education, Inc. to strengthen collaboration between communities and education personnel in Guinea to increase the quality and equity of primary schooling. In the first phase of PACEEQ, IDD worked with rural radio stations to produce over 45 hours of local language programming to train Parents Associations (PAs) and to raise awareness about the importance of community participation in schooling. A final evaluation of the radio programs revealed that, in the sample communities polled, PAs were organizing more school improvement activities than before the broadcast and demonstrated improved comprehension of key PA strategies. Aditionally, IDD worked with regional and national PA coordinating committees to develop communication strategies to promote school-community collaboration and to mobilize local action around school reform, girls' education, and HIV/AIDS. Locally-driven activities such as rural theatre, local language debates, and songs broadcast on the radio helped them advocate for school-community collaboration and better education for more children in Guinea. PA coordinating committees also received seed grants to continue successful communication activities.


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