Mali Education Recovery Support Activity (ERSA)

EDC has begun implementing the USAID-funded Education Recovery Support Activity (ERSA)/ Programme d'Appui à la Stabilisation de l'Education au Nord (PASEN) in the Gao region of northern Mali.  ERSA is a 5-year initiative (August 2015-June 2020) which aims to contribute to the government of Mali’s commitment to increasing access to learning opportunities for out-of-school children and youth in the conflict affected regions of Northern Mali, through the strengthening of both formal and non-formal education opportunities.  ERSA aims to reintegrate more than 10,000 out of school children into the education system through locally and culturally relevant accelerated learning programs and to provide basic education, life, skills, and livelihood training for approximately, 2,800 older out of school youth. These educational opportunities will be designed and implemented in a conflict sensitive way that promotes peace building and inclusiveness.

ERSA/PASEN will be carried out in partnership with the ministry of education, local government authorities and five Malian NGOs with significant experience in Gao and other regions in education, peace building, and gender inclusive initiatives. ERSA/PASEN will focus on improving local governmental and non-governmental institutional capacities for effective, multi-stakeholder engagement and service delivery relevant to out-of-school children and youth, and will facilitate inclusion, access and participation of learners in educational, economic, social and civic life.


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