Guinea LINKS Program

The LINKS Program is a 14-month initiative led by IDD, with the RTI International and the Academy for Educational Development as partners. The LINKS Program reinforces the capacity of Guinea's Ministry of Primary and Civic Education and Ministry of Technical Education and Professional Training to meet their "Education for All" objectives in the domains of education management and education quality. The program builds on the success of the Fundamental Quality and Equity Levels project (FQEL), which from 1997 to 2005 used a unique, multi-pronged approach to improve Guinean teacher training, policy formation, data use, and student testing and achievement. FQEL fundamentally changed the culture of schooling in Guinea to make it easier for children to succeed in primary school. Via LINKS, IDD supports the development of competency-based curricula for French and mathematics and advances the creation of well-articulated preservice and in-service training modules. The program also trains Ministry personnel in research and data analysis relative to teacher performance and provides technical assistance in data collection and analysis for decision-making and policymaking purposes.


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