Evaluation of the Jordan Education Initiative

The Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) was formed to support the Ministry of Education’s curricula reform process—the Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy (ERfKE) program—through the development of public-private partnerships to foster Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-enhanced learning strategies. EDC, with partners Research Triangle Institute and World Links Arab Region, is performing an evaluation of the JEI that will provide a detailed look at progress to date and information that will help the MOE bring effective strategies to scale. The EDC-led Evaluation of the Jordan Education Initiative focuses on four tasks: an impact measurement of ICT and e-learning activities in the classroom, an assessment of public-private partnership efficiency and benefits, a review of JEI hardware and software inputs, requirements and management, and an appraisal of the of the cost implications of ICT-related procurement, maintenance, and training, particularly for expansion of JEI activities to more schools.



United States Agency for International Development


RTI International
World Links Arab Region



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