EQUIP3/Cross-Sectoral Youth Project

The Cross-Sectoral Youth (CSY) Project is a multi-country Associate Award of the Educational Quality Improvement Program 3: Learning and Earning for Out-of-School Youth. CSY fosters collaboration across sectors (health, democracy and governance, education, environment, and economic growth) in order to meet the holistic needs of youth in developing countries. As a USAID intra-agency initiative, the project is designed to incorporate youth as a strategic priority within the U.S. Government foreign assistance framework while advancing USAID objectives. CSY provides a platform for various organizations (USAID/Washington, USAID country Mission teams from all development sectors and regions, and local organizations) to participate in youth program assessment, design, implementation and joint funding, and the analysis and dissemination of lessons learned. CSY acivities have taken place in Morocco, India, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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