EDIFAM (Early Childhood Family Education Activity)

EDIFAM, an Associate Award of the EQUIP1 (Educational Quality Improvement Program 1–Building Educational Quality Through Classrooms, Schools, and Communities) program, was designed to improve the care and education of poor, rural children in El Salvador from birth through age 6. The interventions addressed four key areas: the technical skills of formal and non-formal early childhood educators; the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills of children from birth through age 6; the ability of public and private sector institutions to provide quality early childhood development services; and general awareness of the importance of child-rearing skills. Activities included training programs that reached over one thousand adults, including parents, professional caregivers, and policymakers; a management improvement program for a key Salvadoran central government agency responsible for early childhood development; and a media campaign involving radio and television spots and instructional print media materials.



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