Decentralized Basic Education in Indonesia: Teaching and Learning

Teachers participate in a professional development activity.

USAID's Decentralized Basic Education (DBE) Program Objective 2 seeks to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Indonesia's public and private sector primary schools. DBE 2 builds upon successful aspects of recent initiatives in Indonesia to improve educational quality through new attention to strengthening teacher training and improving school learning environments. The DBE 2 Partnership works with public and private sector partners to develop a more comprehensive system of teacher professional development. To achieve this goal, the partners strengthen the capacity of educators and administrators to initiate, facilitate, and promote school improvement at the local level. Strategies include decentralized teacher training, school-based management, civic education/service learning, early childhood education, university partnerships, information and communication technologies (ICTs), and public-private alliances.


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United States Agency for International Development


Academy for Educational Development
Indonesian Ministry of National Education
Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs
RTI International



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