Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihoods Project, Rwanda

Youth participating the Akazi Kanoze project, Rwanda, complete an assessment

The Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihoods Project, an EQUIP3 Associate Award, aims to develop a thriving youth livelihood support system in Rwanda to increase the prosperity of not only youth, but also the public and private institutions that support and benefit from youths' productive engagement in Rwandan society. To achieve this goal, Akazi Kanoze provides youth in Kigali with market-relevant life and work readiness training and support, hands-on training opportunities, and links into the employment and self-employment job market. Further, the program works with government, private sector and civil society organizations to help them develop a youth livelihood opportunity network. Through building both the capacities of and the linkages between youth and institutions, Akazi Kanoze also contributes to the strengthening of the Rwandan economy.

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