Work Readiness

Work Ready Now! (WRN!) is EDC’s curriculum and approach for delivering effective work readiness training to youth. WRN! helps young people in emerging economies develop the “soft skills” needed to succeed in the workplace or in a livelihood. WRN! is based on internationally recognized standards for 21st century skills and can be integrated into literacy and numeracy programs, addressing two of the major constraints to employment for many out-of-school youth. Governments have adopted WRN! as their national work readiness curriculum at vocational schools.

Work Ready Now! is the product of 10 years of designing and implementing work readiness and livelihoods development programs for youth, primarily ages 15–30, in developing and middle-income countries, ranging from East Timor to Macedonia.

The WRN! curriculum consists of eight content modules, including communications, job seeking skills, workplace safety, and financial skills. WRN! can be delivered in varying amounts of time, from 44 to 100 hours, and is  easily adapted to local contexts. The WRN! implementation toolkit supports EDC staff involved in creating, adapting, and assessing work readiness programs.


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