Educator Professional Development

EDC is an acknowledged leader in designing and supporting high quality, participatory, results-oriented school improvement programs, in collaboration with Ministry partners.  EDC is adept at using and supporting multiple delivery formats for teacher and leadership training, and has been particularly effective at reaching the hardest to reach, including teachers in isolated, extremely low-resource, and high-conflict contexts and those facing multiple challenges including HIV-AIDS.

Our efforts focus on building the capacity of teachers and administrators, beginning from their existing best practices and operating through an empowerment lens, rather than one of deficit. Our goal is to help teachers improve their classroom practice to support deeper, more active engagement with their students. Our professional development programs are designed to be transformational, scalable, connected to practice, and sustainably embedded within our partners’ education systems.

Our teacher professional development programs utilize intensive trainings, cluster-based school communities of practice, coaching and mentoring strategies and structures, public school centers of excellence, and context-appropriatetechnologies.  In addition to print-based materials, our projects deploy a range of technologies to reach difficult-to-reach places, improve cost effectiveness, and provide more constant, cost-effective support. We use interactive audio programs, distance education portals, SMS, video SD cards, and smartphone content to empower head teachers, supervisors, and inspectors to serve as mentors who encourage teachers to apply newly learned techniques.  Our documented results, with millions of teachers in over 30 countries, demonstrate that EDC-trained educators outperform their peers and move steadily upwards on scales of outstanding practice.

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