Education System Strengthening

EDC supports systemic policy reforms at the country level to provide continued capacity within partner Ministries to design, initiate and sustain school-level improvements. Our technical experts work alongside Ministry counterparts to conduct research; develop teacher and student  standards and benchmarks; create new teacher training curricula; develop and establish systems for distributing new teaching and learning materials; and provide models for certification, evaluation and pay systems. We also assist Ministries with national-level awareness campaigns and organize stakeholder consultation forums to discuss and advise on key issues to promote accountability and facilitate change.  Building relationships, establishing a common purpose and agreeing on a vision for the entire country takes time – with transformational change often being at odds with the pressure Ministries and donors feel to demonstrate immediate results.  EDC works in tandem with all counterparts to maximize capacity building opportunities while implementing reforms, so that fast, innovative, measureable results are achieved alongside a stable foundation for accountability.

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