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EDC designs and implements literacy programs in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Our Read Right Now! (RRN!) approach helps us engage Ministries, teacher training institutions, school supervisors, and communities to support the teaching of reading and writing both in and outside the classroom. RRN! draws on EDC’s global and domestic reading and writing interventions and is an adaptable, evidence-based approach to the teaching of reading and writing at scale in resource-lean and low capacity environments. RRN! is a systemic approach that integrates policy work with classroom implementation, materials production, and community engagement.  The Read Right Now! model has been used to support teacher instructional change, education system adaptation to facilitate literacy, and improved student literacy outcomes in contexts serving over 2 million students and 90,000 teachers.

RRN! includes pre- and in-service teacher training and professional development modules that demonstrate not just the “how” but the “why” of literacy instruction – with easy to implement yet powerful interventions that help primary-level children and low-literacy youth read, write, and think critically from the start.  RRN! supplemental materials include a process manual for developing national literacy standards for students and corresponding instructional standards for teachers, in-classroom instructional materials including leveled readers, and comprehensive assessment tools and formative and summative evaluation instruments (including OLA, eEGRA, and the Standards Based Classroom Observation Protocol for Educators in Literacy [SCOPE Literacy]).  EDC’s RRN! toolkit also includes several optional technology “add-ins,” such as interactive audio instruction programming, teacher mentoring and coaching videos, e-readers and instructional games on mobile phones and tablets, and feedback protocols from mobile technology to support formative assessment and research.

RRN! is customizable for literacy programs with out-of-school youth in nonformal education programs and adults participating in parent and community literacy initiatives. Along with literacy, our programs integrate the teaching of other skills that people need to become productive members of society such as basic life and employability skills, entrepreneurship training, or technical vocational education. These customized literacy programs can have a variety of developmental goals for their participants, including: (a) preparing them for re-entry into the formal school system; (b) helping them enter the workforce; and (c) assisting them with starting their own businesses.

Within the RRN! toolkit, EDC’s Out of School Literacy Assessment (OLA) provides a unique tool for assessing and tracking the progress of learners in literacy programs that are not implemented in the early primary grades. OLA assesses out-of-school youth and adults by applying a combination of basic reading skills and functional literacy items along with a greater emphasis on comprehension skills. OLA’s ability to test oral reading levels using real-life items (such as street signs and medicine bottles, as opposed to focusing on storytelling narratives such as those used in early reading classrooms), means that the interventions designed are more meaningful and appropriate to the context and needs of an out-of-school learner.

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