Adolescence is a tumultuous and critical time. Adolescents undergo intense physical changes of puberty, combined with emotional maturation and the onset of adult roles, risks and relationships. Unfortunately,  young people too often take risks and make poor choices, particularly in the realm of sexual and reproductive health. Impoverished adolescents in developing countries are far more likely to contract HIV, have unplanned pregnancies, give birth at a young age, and even turn to crime or domestic violence.

EDC helps adolescents make smart choices about their health. We focus on sexual and reproductive health, and related issues of HIV/AIDS, violence prevention, maternal health, and family planning.

Inform: EDC meets adolescents where they are – in or out of school – and offers them information and activities that are tailored to their learning needs, preferences, and cultural nuances.

Engage: We focus on adolescents as active learners. We use a mix of  evidence-based approaches including discussion, role-plays, group work, multimedia, coaching, mentoring, and peer education – whatever is proven to make health messages resonate and result in changed behavior. 

Connect: EDC links young people with opportunities. We help adolescents access resources, skill-building opportunities and information on sexual and reproductive health, including HIV and AIDS. We also help young people network with other youth to share ideas and take action together.


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