Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings

EDC offers a deep and targeted body of experience tackling the full range of education challenges in fragile and conflict-affected settings (FCAS). We are equally at home in the classroom and in the community, and are known for our ability to use cutting-edge thinking, practice, and technology to elegantly and affordably solve the problems of quality and access.

Our extensive experience in FCAS and active engagement with INEE have resulted in innovative, effective solutions. For example, in areas where schools are destroyed or dangerous, EDC uses radio and other media to convey high-quality curriculum and training to teachers and learners unable to reach school. To address crumbling education infrastructure, planning, and financing capacity, EDC works intensively with ministry partners to deliver quick wins in school construction, accelerated learning, and job training, mixed with longer-term emphases on curriculum development, pre- and in-service teacher training and deployment, and development of education system management capacity. To address or forestall deep inequity in education access or quality, EDC deploys a proven approach to foster productive partnerships between educators and communities, civil society and the private sector.

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