Community Mobilization

Empowering and educating people to participate as citizens in an evolving social and political order is one of the most important and challenging of tasks in human development today. The provision of high-quality education in most countries relies on a three-way “contract” between the government, the community, and the school.  Each of these three elements must be present and fulfilling their part of the contract.

EDC helps organize community members whose voices have previously been excluded from their education and governance systems by convening teachers, school and government officials, parents, businesspeople, and other leaders to collectively assess educational needs and mobilize human and infrastructure resources. Our action-oriented school improvement planning methodology results in tangible enhancements such as increased availability and use of low-cost/no-cost learning materials at the classroom level. Using intensive professional development, coupled with study tours and information and communication technology applications, EDC’s projects have measurably enhanced the effectiveness of School Management Committees while promoting accountability and transparency between communities and their education officials.

EDC also helps individuals and communities recover and rebuild from political, economic and geographic instability. In fragile contexts, often each element of the “contract” may be compromised, absent, or threatened by a predatory force.  In addition to mobilizing communities for greater involvement in basic education, EDC works with local residents and community leaders, to offer peace and reconciliation skill-building, civic participation and life skills training.

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