Technology Mediated Learning

The rapid pace of technological innovation presents both solutions and challenges.  At EDC we know that the true value of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is inherently tied to how well they are used -- to make learning more engaging, to address the needs of individual teachers, to offer administrators access to a wealth of information, and to make learning opportunities more affordable and accessible for marginalized populations.   Our projects effectively integrate technology in ways that complement donor objectives and desired learning-gains results – in both stable and fragile environments.  We create multimedia content and deploy technology-based delivery systems (satellite, mobile, radio, video and software) to increase the capabilities of teachers, administrators and parents and to offer students of all ages a customized learning opportunities.

EDC has also developed an application called Stepping Stone, which enables teachers and curriculum developers in resource-lean areas to quickly create inexpensive, multimedia lessons for playback on basic mobile phones. Most importantly, users do not need to access a mobile network to view content. Data can be distributed on microSD cards which can be inserted into the phones, and new content can be distributed through partner networks or through points of service.

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