Vernacular Evaluation Report: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of ICT in Zambian Community Schools

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Vernacular is a set of reading activities that Zambian primary students can complete using android tablets. The software is designed to be customized with local language, artwork and sound recordings, at very little cost, so it can be rolled out in other Bantu languages within both Zambia and sub-Saharan Africa.


Technology Applications for the Global Education Community

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Technology has proven to be one of the missing links in order to guarantee educational and workforce improvement in developing countries. The Honduras METAS Project is now generating technology applications and creating an impact in the global education community through the use of innovative technologies and high-impact solutions.

Mali Out of School Youth (PAJE-Nieta) Executive Summary

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The project’s key achievements are evidenced in the stories of young Malians, whose livelihood opportunities have improved as a result of OSYP. Today, they are: 

Better Educated 

7,408 youth or 77% exhibited improved reading skills, as measured by EDC’s Out of School Literacy Assessment. Completion rates increased with each cohort: 

Economically Productive 

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A Stepping Stone to Success

Basic mobile phones can be used to deliver educational content.

Like other Malian youth, Mariam Coulibaly enjoys using her mobile phone to call family and friends and to listen to music. But today, she is using her phone in a different way: to practice reading and writing in her own language—Bambara.

Mobile Phones for Learning

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Education for All Blog (Global Partnership for Education)

EDC’s Mary Burns blogs about using mobile phones for teacher professional development in countries around the world.

Rwanda: US $20 Million to Be Spent on Mobile Libraries

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The Education Development Centre, Inc. (EDC), an international NGO based in the US, will soon introduce mobile libraries to simplify easy access to text books in Rwanda. The five-year project will be implemented in collaboration with the Peace Corps, a US volunteer service organization, and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) at a cost of $20 million.

A Collaborative Approach to Combating Instability in Northern Mali

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USAID Frontlines

For two decades, Mali has enjoyed remarkable political stability characterized by four rounds of peaceful presidential and legislative elections and the proliferation of civil society organizations and private media outlets. In this sense, the country has been something of an anomaly in a sub-region where neighbors have been plagued by political repression and an absence of democratic freedoms.

Webinar: E-Learning Goes Global!

View this webinar where EDC's Chief Technology Officer, Bob Spielvogel was be one of two specialists who discussed e-learning in Africa and examples of mobile learning globally.

This event took place on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.

International Education Week: Somali Soap Opera Teaches Young People to Take Control of Their Finances

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Somali youth are learning from the USAID sponsored soap opera 'Dab iyo Dahab' that being good at math is not the same as knowing how to manage a household budget or run a business. In English, the title means 'Fire and Gold.'